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Venezia is a colony in the Qab system that broke off contact with the Unified Earth Government during the Human-Covenant war. It became an Insurrectionist-held planet at the end of the war.[2]



Before 2543, the colony cut off contact with Earth and declared itself as an independent planet and became a known haven for terrorists and outlaws thereafter.[3] The CAA office was destroyed at some point,[4] possibly due to the growing amount of outlaws and Insurrectionists residing there who began accumulating weapons and equipment with the intent to attack Earth.[2]

UNSC TensionsEdit

In January, 2553, the UNSC Ariadne, a patrol ship, had to drop out of Slipspace near the planet, due to a threatening reactor issue. The Ariadne requested, and was denied, to let the ship's personnel to come down. The militia believed it to be a facade by the UNSC to get their men on the planet.[5] Ariadne's reactor eventually detonated, leading to the complete extermination of the entire crew. During the search for survivors in the debris of Ariadne, a Type-38 Anti-Aircraft Cannon on the surface of Venezia engaged the destroyer UNSC Monte Cassino, despite the Monte Cassino telling Venezia of their intended movements around the atmosphere.[6] Monte Casino evaded the shot and destroyed the defensive weapon with an Archer Missile.[7]

Two months after the destruction of Ariadne, the ODST's Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi of Kilo-Five landed on Venezia to meet Mike Spenser, an ONI informant on the colony. After arriving at Spenser's house in the city of New Tyne, the two ODSTs discovered that the leading Insurrectionist on Venezia was Staffan Sentzke; father of fellow Kilo-Five member Naomi-010.[2]

After dealing with a situation on Sanghelios, Kilo-Five would be inserted onto the planet to deal with Sentzke.[8]


A good portion of Venezia's economy was centered around mining the tantalum.[9] The denizens of Venezia, instead of using credits, used older colonial bank notes or tried to barter for whatever items they needed.[10]


The Venezian militia was created to help protect the citizens of the planet.[5] The militia had acquired a small navy that was comprised of armored freighters, out-dated frigates and small patrol craft.[11]


By 2553, an unknown number of Kig-Yar, Unggoy and Jiralhanae had settled on the planet. Each former Covenant species had their own compound. While it is unknown how the Brutes and Grunts integrated, the Jackals did with ease, trading with the humans and living side by side with no hostility.[8]


Known ResidentsEdit

These are the people who were born on Venezia or spent significant time on the planet.



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