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Verge was a UEG colony world.


On July 19, 2552 something happened, or was about to happen on Reach. ONI informants on Verge were suggesting that an ultra-radical sect of the People's Occupation were responsible.[1]

Battle of Verge[]

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During the Human-Covenant war, Verge was conquered by the Covenant. The city of Cuidad de Arias was one of the hardest hit when the Covenant attacked the planet. The Covenant would set up a beacon there to extract helium-3 from the planet's mantle for conversion into pure energy, which was transmitted to orbiting Covenant satellites and then transmitted wirelessly to ships blockading Tribute in the Epsilon Eridani system. The beacon was destroyed by Team Black, also accidentally liberating a Yanme'e penal colony in the process.[2]


Signs in Verge's subway tunnels indicate that Spanish was commonly spoken in the colony.[3]

Physical Aspects[]

The planet was known to have required extensive terraforming in the past, including artificial elevation of the crust, resulting in concentrations of helium-3 being trapped in the mantle.[4]