Veta Lopis, nicknamed "Mom" by SPARTANs Ash-G099, Olivia-G291 and Mark-G313, was an inspector within the Gao Ministry of Protection, specializing in homicides, up until she was recruited into ONI by Rear Admiral Osman after the Battle of Gao. In July 2553, she was ordered to investigate a series of killings that occurred within the famed cave systems of Gao during a UNSC occupation of the area. Despite still intending to eliminate the serial killer, she undertook this task partly as a guise, so she could spy on the UNSC on behalf of Arlo Casille.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Lopis was brought up from a young age to have an ingrained hatred for the "imperialist" UNSC, and the SPARTAN Programs in particular.[1]

At the age of seventeen, Lopis was kidnapped, and locked in a cellar by her captor. It is implied that he would often abuse her. This torment lasted for so long that she learnt to recognise the particular sound of her captor entering the cellar. Eventually she was able to escape, using a brick loosened from the wall to kill her captor. However, she returned to news that her father had died during her time captive.[1]

This event caused her to have a fear of tight, enclosed spaces for the rest of her life. Although she was able to overcome that fear, it was still obvious to a trained eye such as Frederic-104's.[1]

Investigating the Murders in the Montero Cave SystemEdit

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