“Let’s dive into this a little deeper and try and address some of the questions that will no doubt arise from the community. First off are the “Vidmaster Challenge” achievements. These three will not earn you any gamer points but there will (eventually) be a pay-off. We’re not going to spoil the fun just yet but suffice it to say that gamerscore isn’t everything. There is a pot of gold at the end of the Vidmaster rainbow and it is something you will want. More details later.”

Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 is an achievement released with TU2, in which the player must to enter a ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP in that playlist (not total EXP) on the 7th day of any month.[2] You can start off with 0-6 EXP and advance to 7, enter matchmaking with exactly 7 EXP, or gain 7 points within that day. Example: If you have 84 points in Lone Wolves, make it to 91. The achievement's sign is the Marathon symbol and the number 7.

This Vidmaster achievement does not give you any Gamerpoints. It was one of the seven Vidmaster Challenges, they were necesary for getting the Recon Armor in the page. However, since Bungie doesn't own Halo anymore and the page is no longer updated, new players can't get the armor.

In order to help gamers achieve this, Bungie created the 7 on the 7th playlist. Each players EXP is set to 0 on the first of each month.[3] An alternate method is to earn 7 experience in a playlist you don't frequent before the seventh of the month. Once you have 7 experience, stop playing the playlist, and reenter the Matchmaking lobby on the seventh to attain the achievement. You do not have to search for a game if you already have 7 EXP. It is also possible to enter a Double EXP Weekend playlist and quit out with 8 EXP (resulting in a -1 to EXP, for a total of 7).


  • Everything about this achievement is a 7 reference.
  • The medal's background picture is the Marathon symbol.



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