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Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan is one of several achievements in the list of Vidmaster Challenges released in the Title Update 2 for Halo 3. For this achievement the player must find all the hidden Skulls on the Mythic maps, one skull for each of the six maps. The skulls appear the same as in campaign, a human skull, but with golden teeth.

This particular Vidmaster achievement is worth 25 gamerpoints. The rest of the Halo 3 Vidmaster achievements are worth zero gamerscore points. This achievement is a part of the Road to Recon, where if you get all the Vidmaster Challenges,[1] you get the infamous Recon Armor.

This achievement is represented by a green circle with a large skull with glowing red eyes, with 6 other skulls on both side of the large skull, representing the 7 Mythic skulls.

Skull Locations


  • If one were to look at the background of the picture, you will see the Marathon symbol, which appears on all of the Vidmaster achievements.
  • The achievement shows 7 skulls, but only 6 are required to get the achievement. This is because it shows the Mythic skull, which represents the Mythic Map Pack.
  • It seems the achievement looks different on Xbox.com than on Bungie.net. Bungie.net shows the Mythic Skull in the center of six skulls, but Xbox.com shows a pyramid of six skulls in front of a Marathon symbol.
  • This is the only Vidmaster Challenge that can be completed without being on Xbox LIVE.