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There's nothing in Visegrád anymore. It's dying. Right along with this farm.
— Unnamed Man to his wife.[1]

Visegrád was a town in the Highland Mountains of Eposz[Note 1] on the human colony world of Reach. The region was remote and mostly agricultural, and home to several small self-sufficient farming communities. The settlements in the region were known as kivas. Located 50 kilometers from the town was one of the communication relay outposts responsible for the planet's communications.[2][3][4]


Impact Crater Discovery[]

In 2550, a meteorite impact crater with metallurgical and astrophysical scientific value was discovered near Visegrád. Despite the nature of the discovery, ONI Section Two did not have the civilian population relocated but instead "leaked" the information on the site, something Dr. Catherine Halsey found surprising. Professor Laszlo Sorvad was assigned for the archaeological survey of the impact area, residing in the relay station with his family. During this time, the ONI kept an eye on the civilian population, but did not call for forced relocation.[5]

Fall of Reach[]

By 2552, some of the settlers had lived in Visegrád for three generations. At that time two of Visegrád's inhabitants commented that Visegrád was "dying" and that the only choice was to move to the metropolitan city of Manassas.[1]

On July 23, 2552, a small Covenant force landed on Visegrád and disabled the communications relay. In response, several teams of UNSC Army troopers were deployed to investigate the suspected insurrectionist activity, but after contact with them was lost, SPARTAN Noble Team was assigned to the task.[3] In the dawn of the next day, Noble Team traveled to the relay and soon found out the source of the disturbance, engaging the Covenant forces on the spot. They were extracted soon after, and the planetary emergency directive WINTER CONTINGENCY was declared.[4]



  1. The planetary map of Reach that comes with the Halo: Reach Limited Edition has "VIS" marked in the central mountain range of the Eposz continent. Judging by how Sword Base's location is marked a similar callout "SWO" and Castle Base as "CAS," this places Visegrád on the same continent and in the same mountain range as Castle Base.