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Visegrad is the third episode of the second season of Halo. It premiered on February 15, 2024, on Paramount+.


John and Silver Team embark on an unsanctioned mission; Laera, Kwan and Kessler must escape Soren's mutinous crew; Ackerson receives troubling intelligence from Cortana; the threat of an attack forces Ackerson to make an irrevocable decision.


Silver Team arrives on Visegrád and attempts to contact Cobalt Team. The lack of support from FLEETCOM confuses Kai. Master Chief explains they're on their own. FLEETCOM doesn't believe the Covenant is on Reach. This is a search and rescue mission but there's a possibility that Cobalt ran into something else.

Talia is asleep on her desk while listening to the recording from Sanctuary.

Silver Team enters the Visegrád building and Chief instructs Riz to get the power started. The power triggers a loud noise and garbled voices that Chief recognizes from those he heard on Sanctuary. They follow a thumping to the basement.

Talia is thumping her finger in the same rhythm as that of the sound on Visegrád. A Covenant voice jolts her from her sleep.

Briggs shouts at Silver Team to lower their weapons as they are under arrest. They stole a Condor, altered flight plans, and are not authorized to be in suits. Master Chief demands to know where Cobalt Team is or he's going through the door. Briggs doesn't waver so Chief barges into the room - it's empty. He can prove the Covenant was there, but Kai insists he can't do it like this.

Ackerson tends to an older man, his father, in a room. Mr. Ackerson is telling James a story about himself and Uncle Arthur. He doesn't know why James is so uptight - he's not the one who's senile, after all. James told his father something that he was something to forget, but the man remembers. James has to go away and can't take him along even though he wants to. Mr. Ackerson points to a bridge that he built with Uncle Arthur. They walked across it with Ackerson's mother and sister, who was only three. Mr. Ackerson asks when Julia will visit and James must tell him that Julia and Mom are gone. He snaps at James and then apologizes as he gets confused sometimes. He still knows what's real. James kisses his father goodbye and promises to see him tomorrow. Mr. Ackerson makes James promise not to let "them" take him alive.

Keyes reprimands Silver Team for their insubordination. They committed 15 infractions of the UCMJ because of the Master Chief's delusion. Master Chief admitted to going outside the chain of command. Keyes suspends Silver Team from combat operations until further notice. Chief is sure that Cobalt was at Visegrád. Keyes displays their flight path to Atkis IV. Chief saw their flight plan and accused FLEETCOM of changing it. He knows what he saw, though even his team is speculative. Keyes relieves John-117 from active duty and confines him to barracks until he clears a psychiatric evaluation. He will submit to neurochemical and behavioral monitoring. John tries to argue until Kai tells him to stop. Keyes commands Silver Team to rack their suits, dismissing them from his presence. Keyes is the only reason that John isn't facing a court martial. Riz is angry that John lied to them. Vannak doesn't believe John anymore. Kai tells John that he's out of control and erratic. She's questioning his judgment ever since he's been seeing dead people. She didn't tell anyone what happened and is trying to help him. He doesn't need her as a friend but as a Spartan.

On The Rubble, Laera makes her way through the tunnels when she's grabbed by Kwan. Kwan warns that Laera is in danger not just from Ruby Ann, but from her crew. Ruby Ann bought them off to get rid of Soren. Laera must get Kessler and go.

Kessler and Antares play with Spartan figurines in Laera's home. Antares claims the ship is ready and they can leave the planet now. She calls her son to her side. Carina wants to wait for Laera and escort her personally, despite Laera's insistence. Once alone, Laera has Kessler collect his thing and he brings Kwan into the open.

John is escorted by two ONI guards to his psych evaluation. He incapacitates him in the elevator.

Riz visits Louis and he brings her inside where Danilo, whom Louis is in a relationship with, is cooking food for the two of them. Riz didn't come for healing. She started walking and didn't have anywhere else to go. Danilo invites her to stay for dinner. Riz is curious about what Louis meant when he said there were other ways to be, other ways to live.

Kai tells Ackerson that she, Riz, and Vannak were in the dark about the mission not being authorized. She understands he needs discipline after going outside the chain. But the Spartans aren't built to sit around and wait. He won't change his decision. She requests to be deployed by herself until John's cleared. Ackerson reveals that John escaped the facility. She doesn't know anything about what he's planning. He's reviewed the file and thinks John may have been changed before Cortana. People don't always get better. Kai can't stay and watch it happen.

Kwan tells Laera about her refugee trip from Madrigal. She explains the indenture process. Laera is sorry it happened to her. Kwan knows some people have it worse. She failed her responsibility to her planet and people. Her family protected Madrigal for more generations than anyone could count until it was her turn. When an alarm blares it gives Laera, Kwan, and Kessler time to integrate with the population. Laera explains to Kessler that they're going to get his dad back and aren't scared. She watches Soren's old crew for a moment before opening the hatch of Soren's ship. They strap in while Laera takes control of the ship and pilots it. Their escape is thwarted when Antares closes the hatch. Laera gives Kwan her necklace and makes her promise to get Kessler on the transport. She gets off the ship and attacks the old crew.

Keyes visits the morgue where Cobalt Team's bodies are lying on tables. Briggs found them in the trees near Visegrád Relay with plasma torching nearby. She doesn't think they saw the attack coming. Ackerson tells her to officially list the bodies as MIA. Briggs leaves so Ackerson confronts Ackerson about knowing Master Chief's suspicions were valid before he sent Cobalt into a hostile environment. Ackerson calls the Covenant's arrival inevitable. He ran the mathematics, and the simulations, and it all confirmed this. It's his job to decide what to do next. Their superiors are fully aware of the situation. Keyes wants to initiate the Winter Contingency for civilian evacuation. Ackerson thinks it's already over and they can't win this one. If they send out an alert it will cause chaos and panic. The Covenant element hit Cobalt Team days ago and the fleet won't be far behind. He has a plan in place that requires hard choices. He needs to know that Keyes is with him. They're going to fight, but they're not going to win. They will save what they can. Keyes is upset as this is his home. Ackerson emotionally says it's his home too and this costs him everything. They can either face reality or die. Essential assets are being transported off the planet as they speak. He tells Keyes to gather his things and prepare for an evacuation. Keyes's response is for Ackerson to go fuck himself.

Laera is imprisoned on the ship by Antares. She watches the transport line where Kwan and Kessler are boarding. He asks Kwan about his mom and if he'll see her soon. He wants the truth from her and Kwan says yes.

Parangosky meets with John who refuses her offer of food. She wanted information and not attention. They have a common goal to win the war but are not friends. He stops her from leaving to reveal the Covenant is on Reach. A team of Spartans went missing and FLEETCOM is lying about not knowing what happened. He knows it's the Covenant but no one seems to be listening. ONI knows and is covering it up. Parangosky knows the ONI protects itself. The moment he ceases to be useful they will dispose of him. He fights to win, defend their home, and preserve humanity. She corrects that he fights because she tells him to. She orders him back to FLEETCOM and kiss ass, do his time in the brig, and never speak of this incident again. He realizes she never left ONI and stands up. He refuses her order to stand down.

Ackerson speaks with Halsey about how fragile the Spartans are. He knows that she made them that way to never feel desire, ambition, or preference, and never choose anyone other than her. He came to say goodbye. She won't be there to see it but the things she made will become the foundation of something extraordinary. He hopes that gives her comfort in the end. Halsey asks if he wants to know how his sister Julia died. She remembers all of them, but especially his sister. She was curious and had so many questions. Halsey never knew who would make it through the augmentation and who wouldn't. Julia didn't survive it. Halsey told her a version of what Ackerson just told her about being a small step forward. Julia couldn't understand. Halsey knows Julia loved Ackerson very much. She hopes that gives him some comfort. He leaves Halsey alone for a moment and returns. He doesn't want her to be alone and brings Soren into the room so they can be reacquainted.

Antares and Soren's former crew interrogate Laera. He reveals how meager his existence was on The Rubble while she and her husband enjoyed the Madrigal money. She doesn't know what he's talking about and threatens what will happen when Soren learns of this. He's not worried as the last time he saw Soren was when he was on a prison ship headed for Reach. He wants to know where the rest of the money is. A repetitive clanging distracts him for a moment. Laera insists he's being played by Ruby Ann. Antares demands the location of the treasure. Carina is ready to use physical force. Laera admits the so-called treasure was a box full of deuterium tokens that weren't worth much, to begin with. Ruby Ann doesn't want the money she wants the Rubble. Carina presses a gun to Laera's head. Antares orders one of the men making snide comments to investigate the clanging. He is the captain and demands Laera tell him the truth. She can't tell him because it didn't exist. Even if it did, she wouldn't tell him. He gives a nod to Carina who yanks Laera away in a choke hold, throwing her into the airlock. Antares gives her one minute to rethink her position. She blacks out moments later.

Laera wakes up to Kwan standing above her with a knife. She taps the knife against the metal of the ship as Laera demands to know where Kessler is. Carina sneaks up on them so Kwan kills her. Kwan put Kessler on the transport but couldn't stay with him or else Laera would be dead.

John visits the Perez house looking for Talia. Her mother answers and insists Talia is a good girl. But she thinks the devil follows him.

James spends time with his father who is having an episode. He remembers making James promise not to let "them" take him alive. He realizes today's the day. He's glad it's finally come. James places a pill in his father's hand, though he struggles to take it with shaking hands. James puts the pill in his father's mouth. He brings a clone of Julia into the room so they can spend his last few minutes together.

John finds Perez praying in a church. When her prayer is over she speaks with about the purpose of a church. He asks if she finds the answers she's looking for here. He saw something on Sanctuary before the Covenant came. She asks him if he means the woman. Perez doesn't sleep anymore because she can't get the sound out of her head. She gives John the recording from Sanctuary. It's not just interference or a sound, but something underneath. The recording plays a Shangeili prayer that she translates. "I bring you blessings, people of Reach. Know that I've come without mercy. Without pity. Know that I am the instrument of your extinction. I bring this planet forth as a burnt offering. Upon this altar, I place the head of the Demon. May his blood mark the way to the Sacred Ring and consecrate the Great Journey of my people. Know that I am Var 'Gatani. Know that I am... Death."

Riz falls asleep on Louis's couch, Vannak watches the Spartan deployment board, while Kwan and Laela look at the bodies in Soren's ship. Ackerson and his men leave Reach on a ship. Mr. Ackerson and Julia's clone die side-by-side.

John removes the the headset while Perez pieces together that the Covenant is already there. A blast hits the church.



Also Starring[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Bill Paterson as Ackerson's Father

Additional Cast[]

  • Anna Koval as Captain Briggs
  • Ivanno Jeremiah as Antares
  • Juliette Motamed as Carina
  • Àdám Szabó as Guard #1
  • Marcell Mázsári as Guard #2
  • Christian Ochoa Lavernia as Danilo
  • Iliasz Shweirif as Virgil
  • David Crowley as Castor
  • Karen Connell as Yaz-112
  • Thomas Dominique as Val-015
  • Maria Luisa Costa as Manuela Perez
  • Bronte Carmichael as Julia Ackerson


  • Epsilon Eridani System
    • Reach
      • FLEETCOM
        • Morgue
      • Ackerson's Containment Cells
        • Halsey's room
        • Mr. Ackerson's room
      • Visegrád Sector
      • Perez residence
      • Louis-036's residence
  • 23 Librae System
  • Atkis IV (Mentioned and pictured only)