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Visor colors are available in Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo: Reach[]

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Visor Colors of Halo: Reach

In addition to customizing armor, you are allowed to customize the color of your visor from the traditional yellow gold to a variety of colors. There are 5 colors available to choose from. These are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay whatsoever. The colors available are Default, Silver, Blue, Black and Gold. They are all bought from the Armory for Credits.

Color Cost Official Description
Default Unlocked by Default Restore your equipment to its default state.
Jumping feet first into hell isn't your job; making sure its crowded when you get there is.
Blue It's already like they are looking at the sky, just put 'em on the ground.
Black You can have it in any color you want...as long as it's black.
Gold Put your money where your mouth is.

Halo 4[]

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Visor colors are seen again in Halo 4 but with a wider variety to choose from. Visors can be unlocked by leveling up, completing Commendations and completing Specializations. Like Halo: Reach, these are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay.

Name Unlock Criteria Color
Recruit Unlocked by default Blue
Solar Rank SR-20 Red
Frost Rank SR-29 Silver
Midnight Rank SR-46 Black
Cyan Commendation From the Brink - Master Cyan Fading to Green
Blindside Commendation Avenger - Master Dark Red Fading to Black
Sunspot Commendation Assistant - Master Purple Fading to Cyan
Verdant Commendation Splatter - Master Green
Legendary Beat the campaign on Legendary. Gold
Wetwork Rank WK-6 Red/Blue gradient
Operator Rank OP-6 Pink/Orange fading to Purple
Pioneer Rank PR-6 Cyan
Pathfinder Rank PT-6 Red fading to Green
Engineer Rank EN-6 Blue fading to Purple
Stalker Rank SK-6 Bronze fading to Black
Rogue Rank RG-6 Dark Red fading to Purple
Tracker Rank TK-6 Purple

Halo 5: Guardians[]

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In Halo 5: Guardians, visor colors are part of the Requisition system that was introduced with the game. Despite the details given in the descriptions, the visors are cosmetic only and offer no gameplay differences.

Name Rarity Unlock Criteria Image Official Description[1]
Abyss Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Abyss The galaxy is full of wonder and danger in equal measure. The Abyss VISR uses subtle augmented reality tricks to reduce the Spartan's exposure to psychologically stressful visual stimuli, ensuring peak performance in even the most traumatic environments.
Armorer Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Armorer A game changer for field operations, the Armorer VISR features its own augmented reality maintenance and diagnostic playbook that can walk Spartans through troubleshooting and basic repairs of most UNSC equipment.
Aureus Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Aureus Containing dozens of useful functions for unaugmented users, the Aureus VISR is used by many new Spartans before they transition to more specialized HUDs.
Aurora Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Aurora The designer of the Aurora VISR claimed it could see the unseen and visualize phenomenon outside of human comprehension.
Autumn Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Autumn The Autumn VISR is a flawless example of software engineering and ergonomics. Approaching rampancy has inflamed its designer's auteur tendencies, resulting in a baroque design barely understandable even by other AIs.
Blindside Common REQ pack H5VISR Blindside Frowned upon by UNSC staff officers, the Blindside VISR sacrifices strategic situational awareness for improved performance in small-unit actions.
Buckingham Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Buckingham Unofficially tolerated, the Buckingham VISR is a privately developed data management suite sold to active duty UNSC personnel.
Burgundian Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Burgundian It is not yours to understand why. Nor are you authorized to understand the subtle complexities and allure of the Burgundian VISR and its manifest menu options.
Clockwork Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Clockwork The Clockwork VISR is a piece of technical art, appreciated as a masterwork of programming and engineering by the handful of AI and human experts who understand the complexity of Mjolnir HUD design.
Connected Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Connected Developed by the avionics maintenance team aboard the UNSC Infinity, the Connected VISR's display elements can be replaced with only basic tools and minimal training.
Cyan Common REQ Pack H5VISR Cyan Too expensive to be universally deployed, Cyan VISR hardware is protected against electromagnetic interference, shock and corrosive atmospheres.
Dauntless Ultra Rare REQ Pack1 H5VISR Dauntless Sangheili sourced high-tier nanolaminates and scanning elements make the Dauntless sensor grid and faceplate outrageously expensive even by Watershed Division standards.
Daybreak Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Daybreak The reflective coating on the Daybreak VISR is specifically designed to mitigate damage to sensitive optics in the case of viewing atmospheric nuclear detonations.
Dianthus Rare REQ Pack2 H5VISR Dianthus The Dianthus VISR kit was discovered by ONI operatives in the arms markets of Venezia. It's unclear who is manufacturing these VISR sensor elements or how widespread they have become.
Dusk Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Dusk The first Dusk VISR was created in the resource-strapped final days of the Covenant War. Among its design goals were engineering refinements that drastically reduced the need for rare earths and other strategic metals.
Dynasty Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Dynasty The first VISR systems date back to the early 21st century, alternately bloating in complexity and paring down to bare-bones HUD management since then. The Dynasty HUD is an example of the former, with dozens of embedded quality of life apps.
Ecto Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Ecto The pattern-matching subsystem of the Ecto VISR can be set to look for specific hyperspectral and multi-modal sensory traces, a useful function when tracking stealthy xenomorphs and transient electronic whispers.
Envy Common REQ Pack H5VISR Envy Envy VISR's were developed by extreme sport enthusiasts on Mars. Through proven in environments far harsher than UNSC specifications required it took years to overcome anti-military sentiment in the boutique development house that made them.
Expedition Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Expedition Built and ran through the harshest testing regime offered by the UNSC, the Expedition VISR can occasionally remain intact even if the rest of the helmet is destroyed around it.
False Dawn Rare REQ Pack H5VISR False Dawn Initial research and development for the False Dawn VISR promised an entirely new approach for head-up displays. Unfortunately, it will requires years of work on neural interfaces to make full use of the technology.
Flood Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Flood As the name implies, the Flood VISR is built specifically for Spartan assessment and containment teams deployed to Forerunner sites that may house samples of the all-devouring parasite.
Foucault Common REQ Pack H5VISR Foucault The Foucault VISR represents a major policy shift in the UEG towards allowing smaller corporations to compete in the paramilitary, military, and security markets.
Frost Common REQ Pack H5VISR Frost With its integral climate module and multi-layer insulation the Frost VISR assembly can function in extreme temperatures and exotic cryogenics atmospheres.
Gallows Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Gallows Made for special forward observation teams operating in quarantine zones, failsafe charges in the Gallows VISR will destroy the helmet (and everything in it) in case of compromise.
Greystone Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Greystone The Greystone VISR's unsettling advertising campaign featured Spartans standing on lifeless rocks at the edge of long-dead stars, staring into the void.
Independence Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Independence The Independence VISR was created by a team of UNSC maintenance personnel as a personal project. After the code was leaked to the net it has become the unofficial base for several independent HUDs.
King Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR King The first King VISR was an enigmatic artifact produced as a one-off by a bored Huragok. Subsequent attempts to copy the design have been met with varying levels of failure.
Legendary Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Legendary The Beta-5 Asymmetrical Action Group has adopted the Legendary VISR for their Spartan units, albeit with custom plugins developed by ONI's internal teams.
Matrix Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Matrix Created for field technicians tasked with on-site cyberintrusion, the Matrix VISR has a custom built interface for managing networked AI's and friendly kill systems.
Midnight Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Midnight Materials Group uses Midnight VISR as the basis for their next-generation battlespace management software, but proper use requires significant technical expertise.
Mithral Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Mithral Mithral VISR systems have been a staple of exploration teams that delve deep under the surface of resource-rich worlds.
Muse Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Muse Powered by the latest in polymorphic software agents, the Muse VISR may represent a breakthrough in semi-autonomous nonsapient assistants for Spartans.
Pendragon Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Pendragon Ruinously expensive, only a handful of private armies can afford the cutting-edge Pendragon VISR and associated software licenses.
Primeval Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Primeval The Primeval VISR is a throwback design created after data archaeology efforts recovered novel branches of the first Mjolnir VISR codebase in burned-out Damascus Materials Testing Facility computer cores.
Rampant Legendary REQ Pack3 H5VISR Rampant With its proprietary set of software extensions, Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme hopes to position the Rampant VISR as the de-facto standard for integrating with Forerunner sensor systems.
Recruit Common Unlocked by default H5VISR Recruit Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance (VISR) software manages the Spartan's disparate sensor feeds, battlenet links, and suit diagnostic messages.
Reflection Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Reflection The Reflection VISR was created for pioneers delving into the welkin realms of slipspace, tapping into experimental sensors and probes to translate strange vibrations and trace energy patterns into some semblance of order.
Regnum Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Regnum Feature creep, ruinous cost overruns, and accusations of corruption notwithstanding, the Regnum VISR features the best threat management subsystem on the market.
Remembrance Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Remembrance The protective outer coating of the Remembrance VISR is coated with materials recycled from glassed colonies.
Resolute Ultra Rare REQ Pack4 H5VISR Resolute Open source records indicate the Resolute VISR is customized for integration with the Artemis threat analysis and tracking hardware.
Rex Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Rex The Rex VISR proved exceptionally capable of identifying optical aberrations associated with Jiralhanae active camouflage systems. Prototypes were used by UNSC Marine units to track down Brute holdouts on Earth and Tribute.
Rime Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Rime Rime VISR HUD's are fully compatible with all UNSC radar, ladar, and sonar imaging sensors.
Saturnine Ultra Rare REQ Pack5 H5VISR Saturnine The Saturnine VISR hardware is fully compatible with Sangheili combat harness power and data feeds, leading some to believe it's intended for export.
Scoundrel Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Scoundrel The Scoundrel VISR was created for use by ONI field operatives but has since made its way to the criminal underworld and into Insurrection hands.
Secrets Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Secrets ONI Section Zero's used their experience with managing complicated intelligence data networks to inform the Secrets VISR design and functionality. Unfortunately there is little doubt that secret backdoors were placed in the code.
Sluagh Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Sluagh A small percentage of SPARTAN-IV candidates experience augmentation defects. Those related to vision can usually be corrected with implants or custom HUD's such as the Sluagh VISR.
Strife Legendary REQ Pack H5VISR Strife When monomaniacal focus on a limited set of targets is needed, the Strife VISR can be fitted to augment existing predictive tracking capabilities.
Sunspot Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Sunspot The Sunspot VISR system utilizes a dedicated deconfliction agent which effectively curates the deluge of information competing for the Spartan's attention.
Tenebrae Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Tenebrae Tenebrae VISR systems are intended to be used in conjunction with imaging radar, ladar, and other systems that allow tactical operations to be conducted in the complete absence of visible light.
Torchbearer Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Torchbearer Torchbearer VISR's are tailored for use by UNSC Army pathfinders.
Unbreakable Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Unbreakable Built from the latest composites and reverse-engineered Covenant technology, the Unbreakable VISR can survive even when the surrounding helmet is torn asunder.
Vandal Common REQ Pack H5VISR Vandal Even when Spartans lose, the Vandal VISR ensures they do it with style and panache.
Verdant Uncommon REQ Pack H5VISR Verdant Verdant VISR has been updated to comply with the latest industrial cyberlink standards, as well as expanded support for legacy interfaces.
Vespertine Ultra Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Vespertine Leaked development documents for the Vespertine VISR's next firmware upgrade show superior augmented reality performance and interactivity.
Wild Hunt Rare REQ Pack H5VISR Wild Hunt Proven on the means streets of Earth's megaplexes, the Wild Hunt VISR has a custom optical recognition application used for decoding gang signs and other underworld symbology.

1: This visor is also unlockable by purchasing the Master Chief Xbox One controller.
2: This visor was also unlockable by pre-ordering Halo 5: Guardians at Best Buy.
3: This visor was also unlockable by pre-ordering Halo 5: Guardians at Game Stop.
4: This visor is also unlockable by purchasing the Spartan Locke Xbox One controller.
5: This visor was also unlockable by pre-ordering Halo 5: Guardians at Amazon.


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