Vladimir Koslov lived in the 2100s on Earth and was a prominent advocate of Communism, soon becoming the leader of a small Communist party. His supporters, the Koslovics, sought Communism and the elimination of the corporate and capitalist influence of Earth, though most particularly in orbital facilities and off world colonies.[1]


Vladimir Koslov belonged to a family of miners in the colony of Oenotria on Mars. At this time the mines were owned by corporations. Koslov and his fellow miners began to rebel against these corporations as they viewed them being slaves to them. Koslov was seen as a leader among these rebels and they became known as the Koslovics. Under his leadership, they violently overtook three more mines. This led to them being deemed as terrorists by the United Nations. However, their ideas and beliefs began to catch on in places like the Colony of Luna, some rural places on Mars, and places on Earth.

Conflicts between the Koslovics and the Friedens began to arise. They began to violently fight and attack each other. This weakened the Koslovics as the Friedens attacked their base on Mars. However, the newly formed United Nations Space Command entered the conflict and thus began the Interplanetary War

In the August of 2167, a bombing raid killed Koslov and his family on Mars. This move was crippling to the Koslovics and they eventually had to surrender.


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