Vladimir Scruggs was a service member of the UNSCDF and one of the first Spartan-IVs ever deployed. He was hand-picked by Jun-A266 very shortly after the end of the Human-Covenant war and was stationed onboard UNSC Infinity in the Oort Cloud.[1]


Raid on UNSC InfinityEdit

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In early 2553, Scruggs was handpicked to join Fireteam Jackknife by Jun-A266. He completed his training and survived his augmentations, eventually being assigned to UNSC Infinity. The same day Scruggs arrived aboard, an Insurrectionist strike team working for the New Colony Alliance captured the captain and seized control of the bridge. Scruggs, as well as Lasky, Jun, Holst, and Thomas, helped repel the armed invaders.[2]


By March of 2558, a diplomatic team including Thel 'Vadam, Captain Lasky, and Fleet Admiral Hood went down to the surface of Ealen IV to meet with the Jiralhanae Chieftain, Lydus. Scruggs, along with the rest of Fireteam Jackknife and Fireteam Majestic, went along as an escort.

During the negotiations, a large force of Jul 'Mdama's followers attacked the group.[3] Scruggs was ordered by Palmer to escort Lydus and his men to safety. After they had reached safety, Scruggs opened fire on his Spartan partners and the Jiralhanae and then sent an "all clear" signal to Palmer.[4] Once Palmer brought the delegates to the redoubt, Scruggs ambushed the delegates and took Hood hostage. Palmer was shocked by Scruggs' treachery, telling him that as a Spartan he was above such behavior. Scruggs accepted that he was a Spartan but insisting that he was fighting for something else. When Palmer accused him of being an Insurrectionist, Scruggs scoffed at her and told her she was unaware of a grander scheme surrounding the UNSC, and mentioned the New Phoenix Incident, failure of the Human-Sangheili treaty, and disappearance of John-117. Palmer then shot Hood in the leg, causing Scruggs to lose his hostage. He was tackled and stabbed in the throat when he tried to defend himself.




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