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Voi Theater's storefront

Voi Theater was a small movie theater located on Liberty Street of Old Mombasa. It appeared to be a low-budget, run-down theater. It had four screens which showed different movies.

In 2552, the theater was abandoned during the Battle of Earth, but was apparently untouched by the fighting between the UNSC and Covenant forces.[1]


  • The four movies the theater was showing at the time of the attack were called Acha, Watu Wasio, FAC and Bilauri Yunja.
  • All four of the movies had showing times of 3:14. This was a reference to Pi Studios, the company responsible for porting Halo 2 to the Vista, which is the only version where the map is available.
  • The Voi Theater is named after the industrial town of Voi, which is located some distance away from Mombasa.