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The Banished go where they want, and destroy any who oppose!

Voridus was a Jiralhanae lieutenant who served the Banished and fought against the Flood in the Second Battle of Installation 00.



During the time after the Banished seized Installation 00 on November 25, 2558, Voridus ruthlessly exploited the Ark for new resources and knowledge, especially the energetic meta-materials pumped throughout the Ark in great rivers to keep the installation functioning; these efforts culminated in his recent harnessing of "Infusion Gel." However, the prototype infusion technology Voridus created produced corrosive and mutagenic sludge during operation, even killing or damaging some Huragok in the process. Of course, this has not stopped Voridus from field-testing new weapons that harness infusion gel's byproducts.[2]

One of these projects was the Jiralhanae Grenadiers. These criminals and savages, too crude to climb the Banished hierarchy, accepted Voridus's offers to obtain glory by testing his new toys. Given infused armor and overcharged grenade launchers, these unfortunates did indeed achieve glory in battle as the gel gave them great power, but they began to rot from the inside out to the point where, on death, they would explode into pools of toxic sludge. They became so crazed in battle, however, that they did not seem to mind this in the slightest.

In spite of constantly jeopardizing his brother Pavium's advancement in the Banished ranks, as well as his own, Atriox has allowed him to continue his work. However, he was put under his brother's command in hopes that the more disciplined Pavium could keep Voridus under control, something the former can only hope to yet accomplish.

The ArkEdit

Many months after Installation 09 entered slipspace and left the Ark, Voridus and Pavium were tasked by Atriox to scout and salvage any crashed Covenant starships near the ruined remains of High Charity, which had crashed down on to the Ark's surface seven years before. When warned by Pavium to stick to Atriox's orders and leave High Charity untouched, he insisted that his brother "worries too much", and that he lacked the Jiralhanae lust for adventure. He also dismissed the existence of the Parasite as a lie cooked up by the Prophets, though he had never fought them before.[3]

The two commanders soon engaged the swarms of Sentinels that grew in numbers and ferocity the closer they came to High Charity's crash site. To deal with the wreckage blocking the path, Voridus called in a Scarab to clear the way. Soon, Retrievers appeared, and since they had no way to fight the nearly indestructible constructs, Voridus found and accessed a Forerunner interface to shut down the entire swarm.[3]

While Pavium handled a salvaging operation nearby, Voridus went against Atriox's orders and had his Scarab breach the quarantine shield around High Charity's wreckage and sent three Brutes to scout the interior. Sometime passed and one of the Brutes returned as a Flood Combat Form; Voridus soon realized something was terribly off. The Flood, who had remained dormant for seven years, swarmed through the breach Voridus had created, and though he valiantly fought and killed numerous Flood forms, he knew he could not win the battle and retreated with his remaining forces. Pavium and his forces soon met up with them and found a Forerunner facility underground; Vordius took several of his soldiers with him, while Pavium and the others stayed outside to prevent the Flood from trapping them.[3]

As Vordius explored the Forerunner facility, he told Pavium of its current state, which the latter recognized as the slight slimmer of hope that could allow them to defeat the parasite. However, the Flood had begun infecting the facility, so Vordius and his men raced to the power core to reactivate the facility and cleanse the area of the Flood. Vordius received a few reinforcements from Pavium during the operation, and he managed to reactivate the Sentinel defense system before Pavium was overrun.

With the Flood slowly being contained, Vordius and Pavium were soon informed that they had one final Flood to deal with; a massive Proto-Gravemind that was on the move. Vordius was ecstatic about slaying such a mighty creature and the fame that went along with it. As they reached the massive creature and attempted to kill it, Vordius noted his brother's Mega Turrets were having no effect. Pavium soon detected a Forerunner facility nearby and tasked Vordius with opening it, which then sent Retrievers to kill the Proto-Gravemind. Vordius was delighted to have contributed to its death, though Pavium reminded him they still had to report to Atriox.

Atriox soon arrived and berated the two brothers, especially Vordius, for causing a near-catastrophe and having to consolidate the defensive lines he had planned for months again. As a Flood Infection Form attempted to infect Atriox, he crushed it with his hands and tossed its lifeless corpse in front of Vordius' feet before ordering them to seal the breach and clean up their mess before reporting to him. Atriox gave a dangerous glare towards Vordius before the two brothers left to secure the area.


Voridus is, in nearly every way, the polar opposite of his brother, Pavium. Like most Brutes, he is brash, stubborn, glory-seeking, and aggressive. However, he is also quite clever and excels at coming up with solutions to a problem on the fly. He, like his brother, is also very adept with Forerunner technology, able to interact with the Ark's control systems with little problem.

In combat, Voridus is fast and aggressive. He favors melee combat, always on the offensive and pushing the objective by any means necessary. It was his thirst for glory and his desire to prove himself that has not only gotten him in trouble with Atriox, but almost unleashed the Flood, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever seen.

Like many Banished Brutes in the post-Covenant era, Voridus scoffs at anything having to do with the Covenant and their religion. However, having never faced the Flood, he also discarded Pavium's fear not only that the parasite still existed on the crashed High Charity, but that it had ever existed at all and claimed it was another of Prophet's lies.[3]


While significantly shorter than his brother Pavium, Voridus stands a little taller than the average Brute, and wears bulky red and black Banished Brute armor with numerous modifications, such as a large pauldron on his right shoulder. His armor also has several glowing orange nodes to distinguish his armor in low light situations. His helmet comprises of a removable faceplate and a collapsible headgear that retracts into his back armor.

Voridus, like his brother, seems to have little hair on his head and body compared to other Brutes. What hair he does have is a sort of "high and tight" buzzcut atop his head.

Voridus, ever the resourceful creature, has a variety of weapons. In the cutscenes, he has a deadly set of four hefty blades on his left gauntlet that can cleave enemies in half and can even be fired as projectiles at short range. In the gameplay he wields a long handled, deadly mace much like Atriox's "Chainbreaker," in true Jiralhanae style, which he can overcharge using his Infusion tech.


  • "If we find prizes to bring back, how could that go wrong?"
  • "Relax, brother. You worry too much."
  • "This war has tamed you, brother. Where is your Jiralhanae lust for adventure?"
  • "Next time the Covenant lose a war, I hope they clean up after themselves."
  • "Prepare yourselves."


Halo Wars 2Edit

Voridus is a Hero unit for Awakening the Nightmare.


Voridus is a Jiralhanae hero unit carrying a fuse Gravity Hammer to swing at his foes, his Gravity Hammer can also create a pool of gel when he slams it at the ground. He is also equipped with a cloak when ever he is on top of the gel.


Voridus gameplay is borrowed from the Warlord and he's a unit for his leader self. However, unlike the Warlord, Voridus can't stun units when he hits them nor drag them.

Image Energy Cost Rarity Leader Restriction
HW2 Blitz-Artwork Voridus 190 Legendary Voridus


  • Voridus is the only DLC hero that can assassinate other heroes.



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