We're at the Vyrant Telecom Tower. Got Hunters between us and the jammer.
4 Charlie 27, sending out a distress signal during the Raid on New Alexandria[1]

Vyrant Telecom Tower was a Vyrant Telecom building located in downtown New Alexandria, Reach. One of the tower's tenants was Club Errera.[1]


During the battle in the city, a Covenant jammer was housed inside the tower. Because it disrupted UNSC communications, 4 Charlie 27 was tasked with destroying it. However, they were unable to reach the jammer on the upper level of Club Errera due to a pair of Mgalekgolo guarding it. After the troopers sent out a distress signal, SPARTAN-B312 was then tasked with destroying the jammer, succeeding where the troopers could not.[1]



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