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“The Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine became a reality in April 2291 due entirely to vision, perseverance, and dedication of these two pioneers in quantum engineering and applied theoretical physics. They have opened a path to the stars for all of us.”
— Memorial plaque on Quito Space Tether.

Dr. Wallace Fujikawa[1]ScD, QEnD, along with Doctor Tobias Fleming Shaw, was the co-creator of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine in 2291. This device allowed humanity to reach locations beyond the solar system through the manipulation of Slipstream Space.[2]

He held the title of Doctor of Science and was renowned for his work in the field of quantum electro-nuclear dynamics, and also held a doctorate in said field.


  • Fujikawa seems to be of Japanese descent. "Fujikawa" means "Wisteria River" in Japanese.
  • An elementary school in Missouri was named in Fujikawa's honor. A notable student of this school was the future Admiral Preston Cole.[3]
  • Wallace Fujikawa's appearance in Origins bears a striking resemblance to George Takei of Star Trek.