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A Warrant Officer is a military officer in the armed forces ranking above a non-commissioned officer (NCO) but below a commissioned officer. All four branches of the UNSC Defense Forces have Warrant Officers. Warrant Officers serve as experts in a given field, and supervise and mentor enlisted service men and women in that field.

Notable Warrant Officers[]

  • Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052: a SPARTAN-II assigned to Noble Team as a heavy weapons specialist. Better known by his "Noble Five" callsign. KIA (marked as MIA).
  • Warrant Officer Jun-A266: a SPARTAN-III assigned as Noble Team's sniper, Jun is also known as "Noble Three." Status: Currently alive as said in Halo: Reach Legendary Edition dev commentary.
  • Warrant Officer Emile-A239: a former member of Alpha Company who was Noble Team's demolitions expert under the callsign "Noble Four." KIA (marked as MIA).
  • Warrant Officer Shiela Polaski: a Pelican pilot. KIA.
  • Warrant Officer Gregory Ramos: an ONI operative and medic. KIA.
  • Warrant Officer Quinn: a member of Sunray 1-1

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