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Warzone Assault is a 24-player multiplayer Warzone variant in Halo 5: Guardians. It pits one 12-player team of attackers against 12 defenders. In order to win, the attackers must capture two of the defenders' bases, and then push into their home base and destroy the core. If the attackers fail to destroy the core within the time limit, the defenders win by default.

The REQ system acts more-or-less the same as it does in normal Warzone matches, except that the speed of progression through the REQ levels is accelerated due to the gametype's faster nature. Winning by earning 1000 VP is not possible in Warzone Assault, and there are no AI enemies in Warzone Assault, save for the defender's Marines.

Compatible MapsEdit

Warzone Assault maps are typically remixes of normal Warzone maps.


  • Warzone Assault is similar in many ways to Halo: Reach's Invasion gametype. Both require a large attacking team to capture two zones from a large defending team before progressing on to a final objective in order to win the round.