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Warzone Firefight is an eight-player cooperative PvE variant of Warzone. It features the requisition system, which allow players to call in weapons, vehicles and power-ups from their collection.[1][2]


There are three variants of Warzone Firefight: Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic (which is not always available), each facing enemies and bosses tuned to said difficulty level; Mythic enemies are Legendary enemies, except faced in much greater numbers, along with skulls added in to make things more difficult.

There are five rounds that are five minutes long. Each round has a certain task that must be completed in order to advance. After each successfully completed round, the respawn timer is upped by five seconds, starting from 10 seconds, and at 30 seconds during the final round. The fifth round is usually a boss rush-esque round, with various Legendary bosses spawning at the start of the round, culminating in a fight with one or more Mythic-tier bosses. If the task at hand fails to be completed when the timer expires, the match ends. If all tasks are completed before the time expires, the match is completed and all players get extremely good rewards, such as multiple gold REQ packs.

Possible tasks[]

Artificial Intelligence[]

Similar to normal Warzone, Warzone Firefight will pitch the players against Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and Prometheans. Certain enemies are upgraded with power weapons such as Heartseeker.[3]

AI Enemies[]

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