The Watchtowers are the prominent Guardians of a Halo 3 Multiplayer Map, Sandbox. They also stand as the Guardians for the Sandbox Skull.


The Watchtowers are one of the most, well-known of Guardians. These Watchtowers reside on the far ends of the map, these towers are known to be tall, and give out a yellow or golden light. Judging on their symbolic appearance, the Watchtowers could be of Forerunner origin.

The towers have sensors around the maps border, and when those sensors are trespassed, a light noise is heard and the Watchtowers flash lights at the player to warn them that they are trespassing. If the player wishes to disobey the warning by walking further out, the Watchtowers will engage at the individual. Just like the Brute landmine and the Automated Plasma Turret, the Watchtower ignores Invincibility and the Deployable Cover.

The Watchtowers weaponry is explosive and comes in a laser format. The laser beam itself seems to be of Forerunner origin, when comparing to the Sentinel Beam. This is because of its similarity in style, color and appearance. The beams damage is devastating, it can destroy anything in one hit, except Forge objects, and the Bubble Shield.


  • If a player enters monitor mode and consecutively goes up and down, the Watchtowers beam will sometimes miss.
  • A player on the Sky Bubble cannot be attacked by the Watchtowers.
  • Overloading the map will disable the Watchtowers' lasers, preventing the player from getting killed.
  • When the map is overloaded, the Watchtowers will still make a shooting sound, but will not attack.
  • If a player is killed by a Watchtower, it will say the player has been killed by the guardians.
  • A Watchtower cannot shoot through a Shield Door.
  • There are Watchtowers on Sandtrap, but they do not function the same way as Sandboxes Watchtowers.


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