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Weapons Card

Viewing the Weapons Card through Buck's HUD.

The weapons card is an Easter Egg in Halo 3: ODST. It is a white card with black print of several unknown(reach/halo 3) Covenant weapons on it.


One weapons card can be found during the mission Tayari Plaza. After speaking to the Marine, there is a door on the left side of the adjacent alley that will automatically open upon your approach. Continue to move up as many flights of stairs as you can find. Soon, you will see several Brute and Elite corpses, which will prompt Buck to ask, "What happened here?" The Superintendent will respond, "Final notice; bill past due!" Continue upwards to a balcony area with a dead Brute and a dead Elite. The card should be to the right of the Elite.

The card can also be found during the mission Coastal Highway. As you leave the elevator to the streets, head right and stay against the wall. When you're in front of the door along the wall, look for the biggest piece of paper in front of the door. Near the bottom of that paper is the weapons card. If you go to the nearest shield wall, near the small bubble protecting the generator is another weapons card.

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