Weeping Shadows of Sorrow

Weeping Shadows of Sorrow.

The Weeping Shadows of Sorrow is a Sangheili maximum-security penitentiary where Ripa 'Moramee was enclosed before he was appointed the Arbiter by the Hierarchs. It was protected by a detachment of hunters as guards and Jackals as look-outs. Prisoners were contained in their cells by Covenant energy shield doors, though mandatory exercise periods allowed them some degree of free-roaming, which was more often than not merely used to engage in battle with each other. The medical bay is little more than a slaughter room, it had only basic first aid items and toxins to kill prisoners that were too sick or injured to survive.

Ripa 'Moramee himself was threatened by many of the inmates for the dishonor he had brought upon his clan, but he eventually managed to turn them onto the guards and used it as an opportunity to escape, tearing a plasma cannon from the defense perimeter to use. He was recaptured and heavily beaten until barely conscious.[1]



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