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Let the lady talk. Mythic Magnum machine pistol with burst fire and integral Silencer. Wielding the Whispered Truth increases movement speed.

Whispered Truth was a slightly modified M6H2 Personal Defense Weapon System. It was the personal pistol of SPARTAN-IV Edward Buck.[1]


Whispered Truth is a cut-down version of the standard M6H2 magnum, with the lack of a trigger guard or a frontal smart-scope system. The weapon is armed with a suppressor and fires in 3-round bursts.[2]

REQ InformationEdit

Whispered Truth is available as a Level 5 Ultra Rare Mythic REQ card. When equipped, the player gets a speed boost.


  • The words Semper Vigilans (always vigilant in Latin) are engraved on both sides of the frame.



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