Whispering Trees was a Sangheili colony established prior to the Great Schism which became politically independent of Sanghelios during the Blooding Years.[2]


Whispering Trees was presumably founded prior to or during the Human-Covenant war on the fringes of Covenant-held space. Like most Sangheili worlds, Whispering Trees survived the war unscathed, but was cut off and isolated from the rest of Sangheili politics and society following the Great Schism, due to its remote location. When the extremely costly Blooding Years broke out on Sanghelios in 2553, Whispering Trees remained politically neutral. However, at some point between 2553 and 2554, military engineers on Whispering Trees re-opened and re-purposed several assemblies which had been abandoned during the Great Schism. These assemblies had been used to produce Ghosts during the war, but the Sangheili engineers used them to develop and produce powerful Ultra Ghosts.[2] This quickly let Whispering Trees become a strategically crucial supplier for both Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and the Swords of Sanghelios, and the colony benefited by trading impartially with both factions.


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