The Wrecking Ball medal is a Halo: Spartan Assault medal. It is awarded when the player destroys an enemy vehicle by using their own vehicle.


25pxpx Halo: Spartan Assault Medals
Stars Bronze StarSilver StarGold StarGASO Star
Kill AssassinSentryAnticipationDemolitionWrecking BallKillamanjaroKilltastropheKillpocalypseKillionaire
Multikill Double KillTriple KillOverkillKilltacularKilltrocityKillamanjaroKilltastropheKillpocalypseKillionaireKillpowerKillociraptorKilldiculousKillowhat?!
Spree Killing SpreeKilling FrenzyRunning RiotRampageUntouchableInvincibleInconceivableUnfrigginbelievableRifle SpreeTarget PracticeContactPistol SpreePistol PerfectGunslingerGrenade SpreeCluster BombLet It RainSplatter SpreeRoad RageSunday DriverKill it with Fire
Co-op RepellantMedicBrick WallLong DistanceBug OffPerimeter

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