X50 is a Forerunner moon orbiting the UNSC research colony of Draetheus V.


In the post-war years, the moon was attacked by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, which was interested in Draetheus V's largest magnetic reactor field. A battle ensued and UNSC Infinity was deployed along with Spartan-IVs Palmer and Davis. Davis was deployed on the moon with numerous ODST squads.[1] It was discovered that the moon was actually a Forerunner device designed to deconstruct planets and use the materials to create artificial worlds. Merg Vol activated it in an attempt to destroy Draetheus V, but this ploy was thwarted when the device was disabled by Davis, and Vol was killed by Palmer. However, by the time Davis had stopped it, Draetheus V had already been rendered uninhabitable.


  • While Draetheus V is largely rocky and tectonic, X50 is lush and tropical, with icy polar regions.



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