The XRP12 Combat Support Vehicle, commonly known as the Gremlin, is an unusual six-wheeled, experimental UNSC combat vehicle first appearing during the early days of the Insurrection. Unlike other UNSC vehicles it has a single combat application, the use of a directed Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) cannon to hamper, interfere with, and disable enemy electronics.[1][2]


The Gremlin was designed originally as a test bed for creating a directed EMP with pinpoint accuracy without the use of weapons of mass destruction. While the technology to produce an EMP of non-nuclear origin had already been created, using it with the level of precision required had never been done prior to the Gremlin's creation.[1]

When the Covenant attacked humanity, the Gremlin was re-tasked to face this new threat. Though one of the few UNSC vehicles not equipped with any conventional armaments, its experimental roof-mounted X23 NNEMP Cannon is quite capable of disabling nearly any Covenant vehicle and computer system within range of the pulse. However, due to its sheer cost and lack of any sort of defense, the Gremlin remained a rare sight on the battlefield.[2]

Halo WarsEdit

The Gremlin serves as Professor Anders' unique unit and is produced in the station. It is effective at disabling enemy bases and structures, although it is vulnerable against infantry since its EMP ability has no effect against them; with the Focusing Lens upgrade, however, the weapon becomes powerful enough to pose a fairly significant threat to infantry units, especially small groups of them. Notably, the Gremlin's laser weapon makes it reasonably effective against Flood units and structures.


The Gremlin as shown in Halo Wars.

Resources: 200

Minimum Tech Level: 2

Population Count: 1


  • Focusing Lens: Enhances laser attack's range and damage. 200 resources and tech level of two.
  • Chain Amplifier: EMP special ability can now hit up to three targets. 450 resources and tech level of three.


  • It is similar in appearance to the cut "Cougar" unit, and was likely inspired by it.
  • The "Gremlin" moniker is a reference to the folkloric creature of the same name, which aviators sometimes jokingly claim cause mechanical problems in aircraft. This is an appropriate name, considering the Gremlin's EMP capabilities.
  • This is one of the two UNSC vehicles that are named after a mythological creature rather than an actual animal, the other being the Cyclops.
  • The Gremlin can be used to weaken the tractor beams in the level Shield World.
  • TU 5 made gremlins and its upgrades 1 tech lower, similar to how the game came out. This is an unexpected side effect.
  • They appear to shoot some Spartan Laser-like lasers.

    MegaBlocks version of the Gremlin



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