Yalar'Otan'Elat was a San'Shyuum civil servant who lived on High Charity at the end of the Ninth Age of Reclamation.[1]


Yalar was from a wealthy mining family with influence over several colonies. Despite her privileged upbringing, she became a civil servant to uphold the quality of life for the Covenant Empire's client races such as the Unggoy and Kig-yar, who's goods and services were liable to be forgotten. She met the Prelate, Tem'Bhetek, following an experiment in genetic alteration under the Minister of Preparation, Boru'a'Neem. She agreed to marry him despite the social taboo of his altered genes, and soon became pregnant in 2552 with their first child.

At the start of the Great Schism, Tem led a Jiralhanae ship in the fighting against the Sangheili, keeping him away from Yalar. When UNSC In Amber Clad exited slipspace inside High Charity, the Flood was released and took over the city. Yalar and her child were consumed by the Flood before Tem could reach them when he entered the city to rescue Boru.


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