The Yonhet are a race of humanoid amphibians native to the far borders of the former Covenant's interstellar empire, referred to as the "fringe."[1]

The Yonhet homeworld is a small moon called Yonhe, some distance away from the human-Covenant border.[1]


The Yonhet are known to have been associated with the Covenant for a time before the Human-Covenant war. Considered militarily insignificant and having a comparatively small population, they were not formally annexed or conscripted. Operating commercially as an associated entity however, they were free to trade within the Covenant empire proper. They had interests in trading with the humans upon discovery of their existence, but the subsequent war with the Covenant prevented them from fulfilling their wishes. After the war's end in 2552, they began limited operations with human worlds such as Sedra.[1]


What is known of Yonhet culture is predominantly with commerce and relic hunting. They have little interest in the Covenant religion, though are nonetheless interested in Forerunner relics. The Sangheili generally consider the Yonhet more trustworthy as business partners than Kig-Yar. Their native language is known as Yonhetian.[1]




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