Yull was an Unggoy stationed aboard the Rapid Conversion and was part of Dadab's group. He was the first true Covenant casualty of the Human-Covenant war (excluding two Jackals who were killed in a pre-Battle of Harvest confrontation). He killed Osmo by jumping on him, biting and clawing at him, ripping his stomach apart. He was then killed by Tartarus, who pulled off his mask and threw him into a whirlpool and down a series of waterfalls because he threatened the Jiralhanae's plans.[1] He died of suffocation on February 11, 2525.

He was one of the Unggoy who Dadab had attempted to teach, and as such was one of those picked by Chieftain Maccabeus to accompany him to the parley with the Humans on Harvest. However, after the incident which led to the beginning of the War, Tartarus coldly informed Dadab of Yull's death, and of how apparently his "teachings" had ultimately been useless.

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