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The Z-040 Attenuation Field Generator/Localized,[1] more commonly known as the Pulse Grenade, is a Promethean Forerunner grenade appearing in Halo 4Like most Promethean weapons, it is made from ionized particles. It is roughly cube-shaped with the appearance of a platonic icosahedron (a 20-faced polyhedron) with bright orange spikes on each corner of the face. When detonated, it releases a powerful pulse of ionized particles which forms a bright orange sphere.

The Pulse Grenade causes two explosions: once upon contact with any hard surface and again after a few seconds. Between these two pulses, it generates a spherical area-of-effect that slows vehicles and drains shields and health (similar to the EMP effect of the Power Drain). When killed by a Pulse Grenade, the target will disintegrate into orange particles of energy.

Advantages[edit | edit source]

  • The Pulse Grenade is much more effective than other grenades at area denial.
  • One explosion is enough to completely strip a Spartan's shields or kill a Spartan with low shields. A single Pulse Grenade can kill a Spartan if the Spartan is impacted by both the initial and final explosions.
  • Vehicles that enter the orange glow are slowed down.
  • Because the Pulse Grenade detonates upon impact instead of bouncing, it is much easier to aim.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

  • Players who choose the Pulse Grenade in their loadout will spawn with one grenade instead of two. Using the Grenadier Tactical Package will increase this to two.
  • The Pulse Grenade's orange glow is very noticeable and thus easy to avoid.
  • Because the Pulse Grenade detonates upon impact instead of bouncing, unlike other grenades, it cannot reach some areas by being bounced off of surfaces.

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