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The Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon, informally known as the LightRifle, is a Forerunner weapon that fires beams of hard light particles. In War Games and Spartan Ops, it is available as a primary weapon loadout.


The LightRifle was originally designed by the Forerunners as a sniper rifle. Over time, its role changed and a burst mechanism was added.[2] During the First and Second Battle of Requiem, it was used extensively by the Promethean Knights.


The LightRifle fires three-"round" bursts from the hip. When scoped, it shoots a single and focused hard light beam. Both of these firing modes use the same amount of ammunition, but the focused beam is more powerful. The LightRifle is considered the direct counterpart to the UNSC's M395 Designated Marksman Rifle, with its specialization in mid- to long-range combat. Both weapons are equipped with a 3x magnification scope.

Changes in the Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Update[]

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  • Zoomed rate-of-fire has been increased.[3]
  • Un-zoomed rate-of-fire has been slightly decreased.[3]
  • Red reticle range has been increased to match the updated DMR range.[3]

Changes from Halo 4 to Halo 5: Guardians[]

  • Loses the ability to burst-fire.
  • Scope disassembles upon smart-scoping, and the front of the barrel splits into four to act as particle accelerators.


  • As with the all Promethean weapons, it self-assembles on pickup.
  • The LightRifle's central energy beam disappears when out of ammo.
  • The first time this weapon is picked up, it will assemble very slowly. Afterwards (and in multiplayer), it will reconfigure much faster.
  • An exclusive Imprint skin for the LightRifle was available to those who purchased the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console. This skin was later made available in the Game of the Year Edition along with other previously exclusive weapon skins.
  • Early images of the LightRifle depict it firing blue beams of hard light instead of orange.
  • When one performs a flag assassination with the LightRifle as a primary weapon, it disintegrates the enemy.