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The Z-510 Directed Energy Focus Weapon, also known as the Focus Turret,[1] is an automated Forerunner directed energy weapon used in many installations, including Requiem, Genesis and X50.


These weapons are spawned by Promethean Watchers to defend a position. They can also be spawned by manually activating a device on a pedestal that serves as a spawn point. When the turret detects a hostile, it charges for approximately four seconds, and fires a beam similar to that of a Sentinel or Monitor.

Promethean Watchers project a blue beam onto a vantage point, spawning these weapons. The spawn point for the turrets does not need to be on a Forerunner surface. Watchers have been seen generating the turrets on Covenant crates and even on UNSC technology.

When destroyed, they disintegrate with a particle effect similar to that of a Promethean Knight.


  • In the Halo 4 campaign level Midnight, Cortana takes control of several turrets to help John-117. While under Cortana's control they have a blue coloration. The same happens when the Librarian activated several turrets to assist Fireteam Crimson.
  • When looking at the turret from the front, while it is being disintegrated, you can see that it makes a shape similar to the Ur-Didact's symbol.
  • While the turrets in Halo: Spartan Assault take a while to strip shields, they can kill an unshielded target almost instantly.
  • When charging, the circular hologram which warns the player of the Focus Turret charging is very similar to the hologram created when a Promethean Knight or Crawler uses a Binary Rifle.