The Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle, more commonly known as the Binary Rifle, is a long-range Forerunner weapon appearing in Halo 4. It employs two core-mounted particle accelerators to propel a round with unparalleled stopping power that can bring down distant foes with one shot. When the round impacts an enemy, it causes them to disintegrate, similar to when a Promethean Knight is killed. It also has two zoom modes (5x and 10x) to fulfill its purpose as a long range precision rifle. The rifle emits a highly visible orange beam from its barrel when aiming, allowing opponents to trace the user's location.


Halo 4Edit


  • The Binary Rifle is capable of killing a player in one shot anywhere on the body.
  • It is also highly effective against small to medium vehicles, able to easily destroy Ghosts, Mongooses, and Warthogs in one or two shots.


  • When scoped, the Binary Rifle projects a lengthy red holographic sight easily noticeable by other players.
  • It is extremely inaccurate when not scoped.
  • It has only two shots per magazine.

Changes from Halo 4 to Halo 5: GuardiansEdit

  • Now fires particle beams similar to a Focus Rifle, but in extremely short bursts.
  • Hip-fire spread is much tighter.
  • The targeting laser can be seen through the scope.
  • Not held as high.
  • Meleeing with the rifle now causes the player to grunt.
  • The melee animation is now much longer.
  • Faster reload speed.
  • Zoom modes reduced from 5x/10x to 4x/9x.


  • Positioned near the scope of a Binary Rifle are two lights, one on each side. These indicate how many rounds are currently in the weapon.
  • The Binary Rifle is one of the few weapons in Halo 4 that causes targets to disintegrate from the killing shot's point of entry. The other weapons that yield this effect are the Scattershot and the Incineration Cannon.


Videos Edit

H5 Binary Rifle Animations

H5 Binary Rifle Animations



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