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The Z-8060 High-Impact Particle Weapon, also known as the Particle Cannon,[1] is a large and very powerful Forerunner directed energy weapon used for anti-air defense.[2] The cannon itself is operated by an automatic remote computer system. When it prepares to fire, the inside of the sphere charges with orange particles while the pillars move forwards and closer to the middle. Once the charge is complete, the cannon fires a powerful, precision particle beam that is capable of destroying almost anything in its path.


First Battle of Requiem[]

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At least four of these weapons were placed in strategic locations around the Gravity Well Generator on Requiem as a defensive measure. The crew of UNSC Infinity had to disable them in order to destroy the generator. Two of the massive cannons were destroyed by the Mini-MAC aboard a Mammoth commanded by the then-Commander Thomas Lasky. The other two were "tricked" into firing on each other by Cortana who, with John-117, had infiltrated the weapons' control center.

New Phoenix Incident[]

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The Ur-Didact's ship, Mantle's Approach, was protected by several of these weapons. John-117 was able to disable them by destroying their power cores.




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