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The Z-8250 Anti-Ship Exterior Defense Network, also known as Forerunner Artillery[1] is an automated Forerunner directed energy weapon used on Requiem and the Mantle's Approach. This weapon is designed to defend structures or ships against enemy aircraft.

Operational History[]

The Ur-Didact's personal ship the Mantle's Approach is also equipped with a large amount of these turrets that serve as a point defense system. John-117 had to maneuver past dozens of these turrets in a Broadsword in order to reach the inside of the Mantle's Approach.[2]

They can be seen in various locations around the planet Requiem, including the locations known as Control, Lockup, and The Gate. Both the Covenant and the UNSC made use of these weapons during the Second Battle of Requiem.


The weapon consists of a three pronged shape which (from above) resembles the Marathon logo. It also has a smaller teardrop-shaped device floating above the main body of the weapon. The weapon fires what appears to be explosive rounds of hard light that can either detonate on impact with a target or detonate in the air after a certain amount of time in a similar manner to flak cannons.  While the turret is in operation a sphere of energy forms in the space between the prongs. This energy is discharged when the weapon fires. The weapon can fire in two modes. One is a rapid fire mode that is suitable for taking out fighter craft and the other is a single shot that is more powerful and more suited to taking out larger ships. There are two variants, a light and heavy variant. The light artillery is smaller, but not necessarily weaker.


  • It bears a striking resemblance to the blue hardlight symbol above Jul 'Mdama's helmet.