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The Zaagokelu Workshop Scout Bike, commonly known as the Ghost, is a variant of the Ghost utilized by The Banished.

Design Details[]

The Banished Ghost appears to be a modified variant of the Type-32 "Ghost". Like most Banished vehicles, the Banished Ghost has been reinforced with additional armour plating, primarily on the wings, most of the front fuselage and the cockpit. This armour plating is silver in colour with red detailing and looks to have been applied over the existing vehicle, as evidenced by the gap within the plating which exposes the underlying front fuselage of the original vehicle underneath.


The Banished Ghost is a vehicle unit exclusive to both Shipmaster Let 'Volir and Ripa 'Moramee, and is constructed in the Stronghold, Citadel and Fortress.


  • Banshee - "Very fast moving. Can ram enemies."
    • Type: Vehicle
    • Purpose: Scout
    • Attack Strength:
      • Infantry: Moderate
      • Vehicle: Moderate
      • Air: Poor
      • Building: Poor
    • Resources: 265
    • Power: 20
    • Population Count: 3
    • Minimum Tech Level: 1

Unit Upgrade[]

  • Vehicle Shielding - "Gains a shield. Detects cloaked units."
    • Resources: 0
    • Power: 450
    • Minimum Tech Level: 1