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The Zanar-pattern light cruiser,[1] also known as CRS-class light cruiser,[3] was a former Covenant policing vessel, analogous to a UEG Police cutter.[1]

Class History[]

Pre-Great Schism[]

Main article: Great Schism

Zanar-pattern ships were sometimes tasked with escorting Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyers. They often did so without fervor and could never be counted on to do anything more than their basic defensive assignment.[5]

Zanar-class ships were often used by the Covenant Empire for law enforcement duties, as well as protecting pilgrim ships to and from High Charity. Some were used in crusading fleets.[1]

Human-Covenant war[]

The first UNSC encounter with the Zanar-pattern light cruiser was during the Battle of Chi Ceti in 2525. The ship inflicted heavy damage on the UNSC Commonwealth before being destroyed by a team of Spartan-IIs.

Several of these vessels were deployed and used over Reach during the Covenant's invasion of the planet.[6]


After the conclusion of the Human-Covenant war, many Zanar-pattern ships were pulled from homefront duties to form the backbone of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant fleet.[1] In 2554, Jul 'Mdama deployed huge numbers of them to Requiem.[7] In 2557, one was destroyed by the Master Chief with a Hyperion nuclear missile from the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn.[8]

Numerous Zanar-pattern cruisers would be used by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant during the Second Battle of Requiem. One would be deployed against Fireteam Crimson in the Skirmish at Two Giants.[4] One would hold station over Lockup as Fireteam Crimson and Icebreaker Squad escaped captivity.[9]


The Zanar-pattern has been described as resembling "luminous manta rays."[10] and are essentially a smaller and weaker version of the CCS-class battlecruiser. The Zanar-pattern and CCS-class are almost identical from the outside, distinguishable only by their difference in size and coloration.

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