The Zero-gravity glitch is a glitch in Halo 3 that can be performed in Forge. This glitch, if done correctly, causes a vehicle to gain zero-gravity properties.


To perform this glitch, you need to start a Forge game with at least two players. After you start the game, spawn a Spartan Laser and pick it up (you will need it later). After that, spawn a vehicle, preferably a Warthog or a Ghost. Set the Warthog's respawn time to 10 seconds, and then have another player drive the Warthog, but make sure you can still see it. Have them get out of the Warthog, and have the same person who spawned the first Warthog spawn another one. Try to align the teardrops of the two Warthogs the best you can (it doesn't have to be exact). Set this Warthog's respawn time to 180 seconds, and then set the Warthogs to instant respawn. Destroy the Warthog you just spawned, then quickly destroy the other one. Have another player get into the first Warthog once it respawns, and if the monitor picks up the second Warthog after it respawns, the first Warthog will have zero-gravity until the second Warthog is dropped. The control the driver has over the vehicle is very limited.


  • Sandtrap is the best map for this glitch, due to its abundance of hills and slanted buildings, allowing for maximum height. Sandbox is also a good map, especially if you deactivate or block the Guardians.
  • If either Warthog gets destroyed, the glitch has to be redone.
  • The Warthog that has zero-gravity is an un-forgable object. You may get the green hand, but you can't do anything with the Warthog.


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