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Were you looking for Zhar (Sangheili), an Elite who shares the same name?

Zhar was a Kig-Yar assigned to the Covenant missionary ship, Minor Transgression.


Zhar held the rank of Zealot[1] on the ship, the Minor Transgression, and was of personal and sexual interest to Shipmistress Chur'R-Yar.[2]

When a Luminary was found, Zhar was the one who dismantled the Luminary on Minor Transgression, under the orders of Chur'R-Yar. He was attacked by UNSC Staff Sergeant Johnson during a raid on a crippled human freighter, known as the Walk of Shame and was killed along with his two partners, after being shot in the chest multiple times with an M6 pistol by Sergeant Johnson.[3]


  • Chur'R-Yar was attracted to Zhar because of his sinewy muscles and virile plumage, and the fact that he was close at hand and loyal to her.[2]
  • Zhar is the only known non-Elite Zealot, although it has been speculated that the Kig-Yar Reth was also a Zealot because of his high status.


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