Were you looking for Zhar, the Jackal Zealot of the same name?

Zhar was a Sangheili who held the rank of Zealot. He was a member of Thel 'Vadamee's group who attacked UNSC ships at Charybdis IX during the Battle of Charybdis IX. The group was later ordered personally by the High Prophet of Regret to find Kig-Yar rebels who were trading Covenant weapons with humans.[1] He was later killed by Thel 'Vadamee after threatening to harm the Prophet of Truth.[2]

Near the end of his life, Zhar began to question the Prophet's orders to completely eradicate the human race, and he wondered why they couldn't be accepted into the Covenant, particularly remarking that "they show some capacity for honor," and that there is "something profoundly noble in them,"[3] regarding an injured Faison, who had given his life to defend the humans aboard the Infinite Spoils. He began to dwell on the Prophets' contradicting orders, eventually attempting to murder the Prophet of Truth. However, Thel anticipated Zhar's attack. When Zhar moved to kill the Prophet, Thel lunged forward, decapitating his former friend with his Energy Sword, killing Zhar. As a result, Thel was granted command of a ship in a new Covenant fleet and was ordered never to speak of the events that had transpired. Ironically, Thel would later kill Truth himself, something Zhar attempted years prior.[​5]​



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